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HIde & Seek - a silent death

halloween edition - a full contact horror mission game



escape rate


2 hours

scare level

Hide & Seek - A Silent Death

*Halloween Edition*

The Game & Space: Hide & Seek is the most intense *full contact* horror survival game, where all the rooms open up at escape hotel for one night and the entire hotel

(over 12,000 sqft) becomes your playground.

The Mission:

The game has multiple missions for You to complete. You will be surrounded with good and evil. Some characters are there to help You, while most are there to terrorize and to stop you from advancing in the game.


Limited guest count:

Hide & Seek isn't just a haunted house where you go around aimlessly and make lines for hours. The game is designed to host just the right amount of guests in order for everyone to have an enjoyable time and to be able to actually play the game.

No lines, other than the entry where you will be required to sign waivers. 


Length of the game:

The game lasts 1 hour and the whole experience is about 2 hours ( including a theatrical intro, the game and extra time afterwards to hang out with the characters and grab drinks at the bar

(*** drinks are not included in the ticket price***)


*Full Contact*

the actors can make and will make physical contact with the guests

RED spot.jpg

tap for sound


115 $ / person 

10% service charge added at check-out

I'm dying to buy my 


How to buy tickets?

once you click on tickets, you will be looking at the calendar where you are able to select the date and time slots and the amount of tickets.

( individual tickets can be purchased)

hide & Seek DATES:

October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

each date has 2 time slots:    6 pm and 9 pm

The Game

cancellation policy/refunds/reschedules

  • your team must show up at "call time" which is always 30 minutes prior to your game time

  • *If you and your team are more than 15 minutes late from your  call time, your game is not guaranteed and late teams do not qualify for refund or reschedule (regardless the reason)

  • *cancellation policy & reschedules* : you are eligible for a full refund if you cancel 48 hours before your game time or have written proof of inquiring a refund emailed to

  • same day purchases do not qualify for a refund because of the 48 hour policy

  • reschedules can be made 48 hours prior to your game time, same day reschedules are not guaranteed

RED spot.jpg

Age Restrictions

  • age requirement: 18 and over

  • waivers are required from every individual

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